I am huge fan of COIN system so any games inspired by this mechanics draw my attention immediately. Recently I found in the abyss of Internet one very intriguing title which I would like to describe to the Dear Readers today.

Four competing factions, with four different goals on how to shape Earth’s future, struggle after the First Robotech War to mold Earth into their own vision. Inspired by the COIN series and the Robotech Anime, Robotech: Reconstruction is based on 9 episodes of Robotech where Earth is undergoing Reconstruction after the First Robotech War killed 90% of the population.  

Game board and play components – Tabletop Simulator prototype

The war pitted humans against Zentradi aliens. Some of the Zentradi ended up siding with the humans. A number of Zentradie settled on Earth as civilians after the war.  Being a civilian is a new concept for the Zentradi, since Zentradi are genetically engineered warriors. 

The Robotech factions

Description of the Game Factions:

  • Some Zentradi on earth still despise humans. Khyron, a former Zentradi officer who hates humans, seeks to rile up Zentradi Civilians to the point where they will join his rebellion. The Zentradi Rebellion’s goal is to impose Zentradi control of humanity.
  • Meanwhile the Robotech Defense Force (RDF), the human military, strives to keep enough Zentradi Civilians content to prevent a massive revolt. That said, the RDF has been imposing martial law for years on earth, leading to opposition to their control.
  • The Anti-Unification League (AUL) is a collection of civilians tired of being under martial law.  The AUL objective is to carve out cities independent of the RDF.
  • The Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF) is what is military left of the Zentradi who sided with humanities during the first Robotech War.  Breetai, their leader, anticipates future military threats to Earth, and is seeking to get Earth’s population to rally behind the RDF so they are better prepared to defend themselves.  

The title looks very intriguing, has pretty straightforward mechanics but provides for tons of hours of fun due to the asymmetric approach. Make sure to check the game – looks really promising!

How To Get the Game:

Robotech: Reconstruction is available for Pre-sale at