Yet one more interesting Kickstarter campaign draw my attention lately. This time Lumeria: War of the Gods. This is an asymmetrical battle-card game where players take on a roles of Gods leading their followers and fight others on the field of battle.

The Master Set Box

The game has been recently successfully funded on a Polish crowdfunding platform and just hit Kickstarter with a Master Set. Lumeria’s Master Set will contain a huge box designed to store the entire collection of faction decks which will likely grow further during the campaign.

Creators promise an interesting system in which backers will be able to fully customize their boxes.

Various types of units

Regarding the mechanics, during the game, players will deploy and control units and powerful mythical creatures. Using a variety of different skills and actions, they will try to lead their armies in the best possible way. Everything in order to score more scenario points than the opponent.

We will have elements of Slavonic Mythology

Fast pacing, limited randomness, smart balancing mechanisms, and a variety of factions, tactics, and strategies will result in different, exciting experiences every time you play! The game is focused on alternating activations and renewing special abilities via failed dice rolls, which makes bad luck an asset, not an anchor!

The Gods provide special abilities to your troops

You can find more information on the game in links below – worth checking out!