I was waiting for that moment for so long. Finally, after myself and my main wargaming buddy – Jakub – were vaccinated, we decided that it is time to meet face to face. What a joy, what a fun, truly! After so many months of waiting, to bring the game to the table and play with live opponent!

Well, but what title shall be tried for such an occasion? Recently I had such a blast with Atlantic Chase – just see my reports from video solo play of BL1 scenario and then picture-rich play-through of Blockade Scenarios – that I was very keen to try it multiplayer. It did not took me long from idea to execution and Jakub – being an ardent fan of all Naval games – eagerly agreed to play Atlantic Chase.

We decided to start with Operational Scenarios – so individual engagements, based on the historical events, where whole story was contained to individual set-up, played for Victory Points or automatic victory. In all below reports I will be in the lead of Kriegsmarine while Jakub will command Royal Navy. Be aware – this will be AAR saturated with many pictures, using various graphical indicators – like arrows – to represent the game dynamics. You can click on each of them to enlarge. I hope you will enjoy it!

Scenario OP1: Homecoming, Aug. 1939

It is not a war yet. Still, the tension in August 1939 is extreme and hostile acts between opposing fleets – a pretty often occurrence. One spark is needed, one provocation too far to ignite already strenuous situation. The sudden come back of Bremen and the Royal Navy attempt to size it is one of such occasions. How it will end?

Scenario OP1 set-up: pretty straightforward situation, with Bremen coming back from New York, trying to Complete in Germany or Murmansk. Pack of British ships will try to prevent this.
So I set a trajectory, did first Time Lapse, handed initiative to Jakub and… never got it back!
You may call it a bad luck, you may also deem this as a bad planning. Two Naval Searches and then successful Engage (despite Evasive Maneuvers) resulted in seizure of Bremen by Royal Navy.

Wow, that was quick and decisive. I never suspected such an immediate outcome. Learning – head for Arctic Circle as soon as possible, using as long trajectory as possible. Will try it once again!

Scenario OP2: Firs test, Nov. 1939

The war has started and while on land Britain and France did small to nothing, the situation on sea was much more heated. Will Graf Spee manage to break-through the British blockade? Will Germans risk their formidable battleships to assist?

Scenario OP2 set-up: Graf Spee is in South America, the convoys sail from US to UK, the North Sea blockade is in place, while Scharnhorst and Gneisenau will try to distract Royal Navy.
So the play in Cat and Mouse starts. Graf Spee – reading the scenario rules wrongly! – first targeted Murmansk instead of German Ports! But long trajectory really helped with constant British Naval Search attempts. Jakub also launched second convoy – this time from Africa.
After some consideration and hesitation I decided to head straight for Kiel! I was bombarded twice, Graf Spee was damaged, my battleships tried to help but did not manage to do anything. A failure?
No! After couple of successful rolls, the result hinged on who will complete successfully – my Graf Spee or Kuba’s Convoy. The good roll gave victory to me!

That was a very close and tense game! I opted to risk – Germans historically were not so brave (reckless?) as I did. And it paid out – the damaged Graf Spee completing in Kiel gave me 3 VPs while Kuba scored 1 VP for my damages, which resulted in German victory 3-1.

Scenario OP3: Norway, April-May 1940

The British blockade of German Navy in attempt to contain it to the North Sea was getting more and more problematic for Kriegsmarine. The Royal Navy constant attacks on Ore convoys from Sweden via Norway to fuel Nazi economy was another trigger to finally take over that Scandinavian country…

The world belongs to audacious! I immediately launched all three convoys – with escorts – bringing troops and supplies to Norway. Two were targeted for Bergen, one – with Battleships – for Trondheim. That of course resulted in Intel but I had no choice. The hope was in bad weather.
Britosh response was immediate end swift (they easily took over initiative): (1) convoy with mines went for Narvik (2) French Navy sallied into North Sea (3) Royal Navy moved from Scapa Flow to Bergen. It will be quick, brutal and decisive game!
Uff, I managed to take the initiative back and successfully complete twice: in Bergen (setting up Air Base) and in Trondheim! As I could play further, my now lonely Battleships headed for Narvik…
…to engage there the mines convoy and destroy it with 4 hits!
Jakub tried to react with his battleships, sailing north to save convoy but that just gave me the time for last, third completion in Norway and the game ended!

British Force Display.

German Force Display.

Wow, that ended – on contrary to OP2 – completely historically, as a great calamity for the British. I unloaded all convoys, established air base, prevented mines and in the end, won 9-0. Close game on map, but with very decisive resolution in the end.


That was a good learning experience for multiplayer game of Atlantic Chase. So far I had opportunity to extensively play the solo scenarios, but of course live opponent is much more unpredictable and interesting to play! The scenarios were fun, each describing some history-based events, with various victory conditions and at least couple of paths to success for both sides. We will for sure continue that great experience, including the Advance Battle Rules!