About game:

So you are a ruler, tasked with building the mightiest realm in the world? You would have multiple paths to achieve it: military approach, sorcery way, elements control and many others. It is up to you (and cards!) which path you will chose.

As per publisher and I fully agree, Fantasy Realms takes seconds to learn: draw a card, discard a card — though you can draw from the deck or the discard area.

And then make the best hand you can by making the best combos – and believe me, there are endless combinations. The game ends when ten cards are in the discard area. Aim for the highest score to win.

Number of players:

The game box suggest 2 to 6 players; I think the best experience is with two opponents, acceptable with 3 or 4. When more people play it is too random.

Playing time: Very quick game – up to 20 minutes, rarely more.
Complexity: Not overly complex game as far as rules are concerned, but be aware – to get a good result you really need to plan your moves. One of those titles with low entry barrier but higher mastery level. The key thing is also knowledge of cards and possibilities.
What I like:
  • Replayability – you can play this game 5 times in a row and never get bored!
  • Quick – it is really fast, in two person it takes 10 minutes, with more people no more then 20-30
  • There are multiple strategies and combos to achieve the highest score – via army and leaders, via weather, vie flood cards, etc.
  • Scoring Application – on top of this the publisher added fantastic scoring application which speeds up the game process
What I do not like:
  • I think the game with 5 and for sure with 6 players is too random. You have very few moves before game ends and most cards are dealt at the beginning of the game.
  • With such fantastic base set it is a pity there is a lack of expansions
For whom? In essence, for everybody from teenager up. The game might look easy and simple but it is not the full view – if you aim at great result, some deal of planing and calculating on the fly is needed.
More about the game:

And now let us have a look at the components – all pictures from my session reports.

Four-players game (click to enlarge)
Two players game (click to enlarge)
Scoring application



After over 40 games played I am still not bored with that game – that shows how great replayability value that title posses. That is so well designed card puzzle that you very quickly catch “one more play” syndrome. It is very portable, easily taken when you travel and requires minimal amount of space. Still, it is not easy and trivial game – to get a good scores you need to plan accordingly!

Strongly recommended! See you in another game review!