In 2005 I got my first GMT game – Twilight Struggle – and my journey with that publisher started. Since then my collection of GMT products grown to around 25 positions, but I always had a special sentiment to Cold War game. I play it dozens of times, took part in tournaments and championships and only recently give it some break with so many others games available.

So when I heard about new project by Ananda Gupta and Jason Matthews I was really excited and thrilled. Now, 15 years since my first GMT Games encounter and TS purchase, a beautiful new product arrived at my doorsteps – Imperial Struggle. Yes, I know, this is almost completely new design with not so much connection in mechanics to TS. But in my mind and my hear it is spiritual successor.

Below I would like to present the components of the game – and I hope to put them to the practice pretty soon!

A durable box which fits well to my GMT games collection
Beautiful Rulebook and Playbook
Thematic tokens, I especially like the ones connected to the New World
British and France players mats, as well as Event Deck and Investment Display. The latter is in practice part of the common deck for both sides.
There will be four conflicts during the 92 years of the game, two visible above. As always, a useful player aids are provided.
A beautiful map of the world with all important places clearly marked as well as connections between them. I love the graphics although I am sad Poland is omitted!
A close-up on Europe map. Need to read rules to know how all the boxes work!

Wow, my appetite to play the game increased after I wrote this article. The game look beautiful, I already familiarized with example of play before getting it so now is the time to put this to the table and try the game!