After some prolonged delay – we played last time Borodino – we again found time for Commands & Colors Napoleonics. And what and occasion it was – Piotr’s collection was enhanced by another expansion – this time yet one more army – Prussians!

CCN collection of Piotr – my most ardent live opponent in that game 🙂

Without hesitation we agree to test this new army – especially taking into account that first scenario – 401 Schleiz (9 October 1806) – was pretty short and only to 5 victory banners.

Historical background

A short note (based on regarding the context of the battle: In the first clash of the Fourth Coalition, Bernadotte, at the head of Napoleon’s center column, moved against Tauentzien’s Prussian/Saxon division near the village of Schleiz. Tauentzien, realizing that the French were advancing in strength, sent Bila’s troops forward to slow the French advance, while he waited for reinforcements or orders to retreat. Bernadotte did not wait, but swiftly issued orders of his own. Soon Werle’s advance guard moved against the Oschitz Woods, while Drouet attacked Schleiz. By early afternoon the French could not be stopped and Tauentzien decided to fall back to Auma in an attempt to maintain a link with his outlying commands. The retreat came too late to save one Prussian battalion. 

With special rules – Prussians get 1 VP for each two units which escape – that meant a quick and decisive play – French forces will have to immediately attack! Let us see how it went!

Session report

We rolled for the sides and I was leading the attacking French while Piotr had a pleasure to muster the defending / retreating Prussians.
Close up on the set-up we are pretty close on left wing but marshes will be serious impediment to quickly close on Prussians
I thought Schleiz would be an easy 2 VPs for me but not – Piotr decided to defend it with two Grenadiers! That was a really tough fight which in the end I lost.
The wood was another potential area control VP. With regroup card I approached it, and then gave the the cold steel! What a carnage it was…
…the area was very quickly devoid of any Prussian presence.
In the meantime Piotr managed to escape with two units and kill my attacking Line Infantry near Schweiz but all of this was not enough to stop French from winning.

Nice scenario, some interesting mechanics plus learning of Prussian special abilities. For sure we will continue with that campaign – still need to figure out how the Prussians can stand up to French onslaught.