Recently I had a pleasure to play a face-to-face game of C&C Napoleonics with Piotr. We are now focusing of Expansion 2 and just started the Napoleon’s campaign in Russia. First, we have 4-scenario Borodino campaign.  The scenario one is Shevardino Redoubt:

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The plan is for me to lead French army through all four scenarios while Piotr will take command of Russians defending their country. And now let me tell you what happened in our game:

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  1. As I was in pretty difficult position at the beginning – especially in the center, sitting like ducks to be shot, so I moved right section quickly as it was place where I can do most damage. It occurred that attack stalled and through the whole game I managed to gain only one point there (the flags you see above indicates where VP are being scored).
  2. However, the good cards came on left, and with couple fantastic moves I started to hard-press Russians here.
  3. As you can see above (click to enlarge), between the woods and two towns a real blood-bath occurred; towns are crucial in this scenario for Russians (if they do not occupy them, I am getting 1 VP for each) so Piotr relentlessly counter-attacked. Of course, I was not giving up…
  4. In the meantime I managed to launch a “sneak” attack in the center – I got one banner, but also lost one.
  5. The real problem for me – and the main target of scenario – was Shevardino Redoubt (worth 2 VPs for french). With cavalry charge I stormed it and killed four-blocks artillery. But the luck was with Piotr this day – he dispatched two of my leaders, counterattacked, retake redoubt and with last roll – narrowly won the battle!

That was such an exciting game – really, a large, intense and heroic encounter which cannot be won easily by neither from side. And tactician deck only spiced the experience! More to come!