So after our first two meetings with Kuba, playing Wing Leader: Victories 1940-1942 Scenarios – initially scenario V03 with USSR and Germany and then scenario V04 with RAF and Luftwaffe – the time has come for scenario V05.

Our Wing Commander Campaign:
Scenario V04 => Scenario V05 => Scenario V06

We rolled for the sides, where I again draw attacking Germans while Kuba was leading the brave British defenders:

Clouds below, fighters and bombers above…

Unfortunately, my units – although in higher numbers – were again green and when faced with less numerous but veteran defenders, despite quite decent fight to some point, had to succumb to experience and battlefield cleverness of opponents:

All my units are coming home; 24 to 8 in VPs for UK

What I really like about Wing Leader is that this is not “kill more enemies” game but quite reasonable reflection of psychological warfare, where most enemies are simply chased out from the theater of operation; that does not mean there are no kills…

British losses
Germans losses (we have been broken!)

Our conclusion after V05 (combined with V03 and V04) was unanimous – enough of head-to-head scenarios – we want bombing raids now! Another, more detailed session reports will come!