After prolonged break, we again had time to play the great simulation of aerial fights during WWII – The Wing Leader. This time we played Scenario 4,  which took place during the Battle of Britain and is describing one of the raids undertook by German bombers (yellow circles, Kuba) against the surprised coastal defenses of Great Britain (red planes, Michal).

Our Wing Commander Campaign:
Scenario V04 => Scenario V05 => Scenario V06

Initial set-up (click to enlarge)

Wing Leader very nicely simulates aerial fights – many times before beign destroyed, planes simply withdraw due to lack of ammunition or simply low morale. Showing fight “from the side” give very clear picture who is where and allows for great maneuverability.

In our scenario we had clouds which were impacting move / line of sight, I had interesting set-up (with one plane behind the bombers) , Kuba had less planes but of much higher experience. The latter is of crucial importance in WL – enough to say, he forced my squadron to withdraw without own losses.

Well, in the end I managed to deal with the escort and I started to attack mercilessly the bombers. However, here is where luck deserted me… Instead of huge enemy losses my planes broke quickly… In the end my four fighters as well as Kubas’ two withdrawn while three bombers continued the mission, giving 6 points each to Kuba:

Final situation on the map (click to enlarge)

In the end the result was 27-6 (so +21) in favor of Kuba – German victory was from +15 so that meant success for Axis. And now couple of interesting pictures:

Status of my planes at the end of game:

Click to enlarge

And situation of Kuba’s planes – the whole escort being broken:

Click to enlarge

The game has potential and we will for sure play more!