Our journey to learn the ROOT continues. We got basics and then went one step deeper. Now, I am presenting another 4 games where all of base-game races were thoroughly tested (Vagabond earlier). The conclusion – the game is great and playing the expansion races will be our next step. (PS. You can click all below images to enlarge)

GAME 1 – Birds vs Cats

Playing with my wife Magda. That was very close game, with me marginally winning. We were still learning the game so it is not surprising that some errors occurred – see above.
Root_12 (1)
One of the best cards I played during our game was costly and difficult but powerful “Favor of the Foxes”. Getting rid of so many pieces was nice!
Both Magda and I had our buildings pretty well developed – standard thing with 2 players only.
Not surprising, my all Roosts are on board.


GAME 2 – Cats vs Alliance

And then time came to learn Alliance. I was first to play this – and as you can see, that was quite a poor performance. I managed to build two bases but I was simply too slow in earning the victory points. Especially, with Magda super aggressive – best strategy against Alliance.
Root_22 (1)
That she did, and having additional hit she managed to clean that clearing and win the game.

GAME 3 – Birds vs Alliance

In our next game with Magda, she was learning the Alliance (playing first time). I had already some experience with them so I knew you need to attack them ASAP. My birds maybe were not best suited for this but it was sufficient. Still, Magda did better performance then I in my first play.
Especially, as this time I played “Favor of …” card!
All my Roosts on board (No errors this time)
Magda finishes with one base and two sympathy.

GAME 4 – Birds vs Cats vs Alliance

The time has come for big, 3 player game with Marcin. Me – Alliance, Marcin – Birds, Magda – Cats.
I started to very slowly develop my forces.
Marcin was pretty rapid in his expansion while Magda tried to repel attacks from two sides.
Still, mid-game she was in the lead (16 points), I was second (13) and Marcin last (9).
Everything changed in second part of the game. Marcin did some of the great attacks then (see one above – he had 1 extra hit).
And barely, but firmly he got the victory (30 points) over me (29) and Magda (20).

Really nice bunch of games – can’t wait to play more!