So this weekend I was visiting my family and of course used opportunity to play some games too. One of the things I wanted to do was to present to my youngest brother Commands Colors Ancients Vassal module in version 4. He also likes this game very much and was stunned with the change that new installment is bringing.

To have two quick plays we decided on “oldest” scenarios 🙂 i.e. the ones which travels in time to so old times like 7th or 6th century BC.

Hysiae (669 BC)

Sparta without Hoplites? Yes, indeed – they have not discover them although later on mastered for sure. Hysiae – an almost apocryphal battles – shows what Agrieve early hoplites can do to Spartans using standard arms.

Set-up (click to enlarge)

The battle was straightforward, two lines of heavy and medium infantry clashes, with my forces having ability – as hoplites – to use Mounted Charge and Order Mounted. That was enough to win the day:

Yes, Sparta without hoplites is just another Greek city-state (click to enlarge)

Module mechanics worked flawlessly in that encounter!

Thyreatis (545 BC)

Why fight and lose a lot of people when battle can be decided by couple of heroes – thought Spartan and Argive leaders at Thyreatis in 545 BC. So 300 champions were designed to fight. The last man standing gives victory to his side. The issue was that after a bloody contest, only three men remained, two Argives and one Spartan. The Argives claimed victory (numerical superiority) and left the battlefield but Spartans also claimed victory as they were last to leave the place. So the battle ensued:

Set-up with interesting mechanic for 300 champions clash  (click to enlarge)

That was pretty imbalanced clash of champions, as I managed to bring 4 blocks to latter battle. That was very clearly visible in early fight, where my units were bale to inflict some serious damage. With time, the battle turned to mutual carnage (look at the number of causalities) and the game finished in epic play of FS by Kuba!

Well time FS, giving victory to Kuba

The v4 module is simply great and encouraged me to play even more CCA then usually. I strongly suggest you to upgrade to that version and try it! The game itself is of course superb as always!