After very successful session with Pericles Vignettes – introducing Lukasz and Leszek to the game – the time came for a full, large-scale Pericles scenario. We decided to start with the First Peloponnese War – it will take us from 3 to 5 turns which should be just exactly what we need for a full evening.

We draw factions and final split looked like this:

  • Leszek- Sparta, Eurypondit
  • Michal- Sparta, Agaid
  • Lukasz – Athens, Demagogue
  • Kuba J- Athens, Aristocratis

Initial set-up is pretty balanced – Athens and their allies (Delian League) in Asia Minor, Sparta and their allies (Peloponnese League) on mainland Greece:

Initial set-up

The question was how to play with Athens to avoid bitter defeats which this City State suffered in our Vignette Scenarios. Maybe via special victory conditions (geographical and economical bonuses)? We shall see. Let us do not forget that for 3 out of 4 players this will be only second time with that game!

First Turn (460-455 BC)

Developments of first turn

Situation report:

  • Aristophanes does not brings anything significant – we just have some fewer strategos plus Ostracism. Or it just seems so… Wait! Alcibiades in Persia? Yes! (for Sparta!)
  • During the political phase the governments changes thanks to Ostracism – in Athens from Kuba to Lukasz, and in Sparta from me to Leszek. And war is also declared!
Political phase (click to enlarge)
  • 1.1 – my and Leszek strategy is focused on raids – and they are especially successful in Corinth!
  • 1.2 – Athens of course are focused on Persian war, which they manage to conclude.
  • 1.3 – in the meantime, lonely Diplomacy in Ionia brings real havoc among Athenians!
  • 1.4 – on the other hand, our colleagues surprise us in Boetia, where thanks to full commitment they won land battle:
Spectacular win of Athens in Boeotia
  • War Score: Sparta 25Athens 36 – surprisingly, not the best beginning for Spartans
  • Factions Score: Michal 9, Leszek 16, Lukasz 20, Kuba 16

Second Turn (454-449 BC)

Developments of second turn

Main developments:

  • Aristophanes – gave us Sparta and Athens as Will of Assembly…
  • …which was not fulfilled as the political phase brought signing of the peace!
Political phase (click to enlarge)
  • 2.1 – Ionia hold but as you will see not for long…
  • 2.2 – The Athenians build their troops and bases…
  • 2.3 – …while Spartans does the same! Some raids, Oracle and couple of clashes but nothing crucial; this turn.

Third Turn (448-443 BC)

 Unfortunately the last we managed to play (time constraint) but very exciting.

Developments of third turn

Key actions:

  • Aristophanes – again, nothing fundamental – 6 startegos less and couple of additional issues.
  • In Political phase a lot of potentially harmful (=Military) issues are being discussed. There will be a lot of action despite fact that peace is NOT signed..
Political phase (click to enlarge)
  • 3.1 – Athens continues with strengthening Naupactus – there is really a state of “paranoia” to keep Sparta contained…
  • 3.2 – Ionia falls mainly due to our – Spartan – neglect to cover the issue there with our rumor. Ech 😦
Ionia falls – difficult now way to win this battle…
  • 3.3 – However, bases in Persia are being constantly build. We have 2 of them already and manage to pump navy in Sparta!
  • 3.4 – Raids in Corinth are being continued…
  • 3.5 – …while we finally crush Athens in land battle. That requires some trick – Oracle removing navy in Boetia – but then three bases are just ready to be cleaned 🙂
And the pay back time!
  • War Score: Sparta 61 – Athens 58 – Sparta takes minimal lead, and if played longer – everything can happen. We did not coutn here the special, end of game bonuses.
  • Factions Score: Michal 37, Leszek 24, Lukasz 34,  Kuba 24


That game is addictive. All of us – just when we finished – was discussing what we shall do differently next time, how to play, what to enhance. It was really encouraging and I am sure will result in future games!