So, after our first attempt to play full scenario of Radetzky’s March, we had chance with Konrad to play again, this time reversing the positions, with me taking over command of Austrian forces, and Konrad the Piedmont.

Below short after action report from our game.

I started with slightly different idea the Konrad in our first game, not depending on the pontoons and bridges and using definitely smaller forces on eastern bank of Ticino river:

Initial set-up and first two turns  (click to enlarge)

That meant that only 1st Corps was attacking North, towards Magenta, and all other forces (2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and Reserve) launched from Pavia west.

After 8 turns of fighting, that tactics was still proving valid, as I managed to approach Vigevano and Mortara:

The final situation at the end of turn 8 and our game (click to enlarge)

Below some more details to above situation at the end of our game (8 turns):

  • Despite being the only corps on eastern bank of Ticino, 1st corps had a very important role, which – if Konrad has not spotted it earlier – could be a game changer. I was approach Magenta and suddenly, some of my units turned toward the ford near Vigevano:
Key ford near Vigevano

Thanks to quick reaction of Konrad it finished “only” in heavy Piedmont losses but not the breakthrough of the front.

  • The Magenta front and road to Milan were at the end of the game in kind of standoff – but still 1st Corps was able to detach some units to contest Vigevano ford:
Kind of steal-mate near Magenta and road to Milan
  • The Piedmont losses were significant and started (in victory points) to be equivalent of controlling one of major cities:
Piedmont losses were pilling up
  • Below close-up on Vigevano-Mortara front:
The heated battle near Vigevano and Mortara cross-roads

The skirmish for ford rages on. 3rd Corps made a very important headway, managing to get on the hills near Vigevano. 4th Corps was engaged with elements of Piedmont Reserve Division, while Reserve and 2nd Corps were attacking Mortara.

My conclusion after that game is simple:

  • this was a very enjoyable and interesting game, with some surprises and suspense
  • that is definitely position for more then one evening, but “saving the progress” should not be a big deal as couple of photos should be sufficient
  • the  strategy how to attack with Austrians is really a thing to wonder about; you have so many options that you should try to find a uprising one for Piedmont
  • 5th Piedmont division – I think putting it where it should be – ahistorically, as the general disobeyed orders of high command but much more practically – should be the way to play this game

All in all, we will have to repeat the game, saving the progress this time!