So after playing couple of scenarios with Marcin, I introduced another colleague, Konrad to Radetzky March. We plunged into the full scenario immediately – kind of the shock therapy for Konrad, but he is very good and experienced boardgame player, so it was not a problem for him to quickly get grasp of the rules.

We agreed that I will take command of Piedmont who seems less powerful and in general – on defense. Konrad lead the Austrian corpses in their brilliant counter-attack designed by Marchal Radetzky:

Initial set-up (click for details)

5 Austrian corpses concentrated near Pavia – and they were facing only token forces – elements of 5 Division, whose general, disobeying orders, did not placed theme in right position:


The game is divided in 3 hours turns, with night being played as one turn. Piedmont forces are usually more active in the morning while Austrian – in the afternoons.

First day of the battle is only 3 turns:

Click to enlarge

But still, this was interesting time:

  • swift progress west of Austrian 2nd and Reserve Corps
  • steady move of 1st and 3rd Austrian Corpses North, to cut possible road toward Milan for Piedmont forces
  • quick win of my Piedmont 4 Division with elements of 2nd Corps
  • And very rapid move of Piedmont Divisions toward two critical cross-roads of Vigevano and Mortara

Now, some close-up pictures:

4th division is still on east bank of Ticino river, but the approaching 1st Corps will cause the retreat of that formation next day
2nd Corps converging on Vigevano and Mortara while 4th building a bridge

The night and second day saw some interesting developments:

Click to enlarge
  • steady progress of 1st and 3rd Austrian Corps forces my 4th Division to retreat behind Ticino river
  • 4th Corps builds bridge near Vigevano and approaches city from the East
  • My 5th division (reinforcements) is more of liability then assistance…
  • At the end of the day, both critical cross-roads are contested

And now, pictures with some details:

Large-scale clash of 2nd Corps (Konrad) and my reserve Division (me). Result inconclusive, but Austrian progress halted.
The final situation in the center. Both Vigevano and Mortara are still firmly held by my four divisions but Konrad’s corpses are converging from all sides.

At this moment in time we had to stop our game as it was getting really late. We really enjoyed the scenario – it is not a scripted game, when everybody knows what to do in initial turns. Austrians have very important decisions to make – how many of the five corps to send immediately West and how many to block approach to Milan? Piedmont forces are scarce and not so quick to move so the decision where to build defense is crucial.

It was very interesting and exciting mid-week evening which we will for sure repeat some tome soon!