Last weekend I had possibility to play with Piotr very interesting mini-campaign describing Constantine the Great ascent to power. In Roman history below battles are assigned to period called Civil Wars of the Tetrarchy (306-324 AD).

CCA “Milvian Bridge (312 AD)”

We started with very famous battle – between Maxentius, who proclaimed himself Augustus after Diocletian’s death and Constantine. The latter one later on ruled out Christianity to become state religion and in this battle – after a dream – requested soldiers to put cross on their shields as symbol of victory. That is really interesting story!

The initial set-up:

CCA 1 Milvian Bridge

Well, try as I can – I think I played as Maxentius at least 3 times before – it is so hard to do anything with overwhelming power of Constantine. Thus I decided to boldly attack on my right, killing part of cavalry, leader and getting very surprising lead of 5-2. However, then I was hit. Hit rad – in the center – and despite ferocious attacks, I was finally smashed:

CCA 2 Milvian Bridge

Still, it was fun to play – despite the odds – it is large and interesting scenario (there is only couple of 4th century scenarios in CCA)

CCA “Cibalae (314 AD)”

Still, Constantine power after defeat of Maxentius was shared with Licinius. I think that this is not surprising that both Caesars came at odds soon. And yeah, the clashed at Cibalae – Licinius mainly with eastern army (visible below) and Constantine with his veterans:

CCA 3 Cibalae

Well, this time I got upper hand – and it was not very finesse battle – the main clash was in center, the follow-up was in center and the coupe de grace was also there:

CCA 4 Cibalae

All in all we tied at 13 banners each which is pretty decent and just result. I encourage all of you to play that really interesting mini-campaign!