Not so far ago we had a pleasure to play with Marcin our third game of Hannibal. Our initial meeting with that game was devoted to campaigns (small scenarios), second one was a real test of game (for all interested, see HERE) and now we planned to put into practice all we get to know in previous sessions. Already at the beginning I can say that the game was completely different then previous one – yeah, I strongly encourage you to read the other session report for comparison. However, it was still a great fun.

We stayed with the sides as in previous game – Marcin (Rome, Red) and Michal (Blue, Carthage) – and here is set-up for the full scenario (1.Second Punic War):

Initial Set-up


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(1) We started slowly. Really slowly in compression to previous game where Marcin initiated two revolts in North Africa and landed an army there. Here I simply took political control of Iberia and…

(2) …moved Hannibal across Alps but with no battle so far. Easy, slow but stable progress for Carthage.




(3) Here it comes – first battle of the game. Rome losses, but not decisively, with minimal causalities – Hannibal should get more from Cornelius Scipio but he did not… Still, it is enough to take in consequence one Italian province for Carthage (Samnium):

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(4) Small distraction – Marcin converts one of the ports in Numidia.

(5) And Corsica/Sardinia revolts but Marcin take control of it immediately. Also, he builds significant presence in Transalpine Gaul. Slow beginning, but this turn Rome loses 2 political markers (for provincial control 10-8 in favor of Carthage).



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(6) Things start to speed up. It seems that following battle – second encounter of Hannibal (10 units) and Cornelius Scipio (8 units) – is turning point in game. Cornelius loses – no surprise – but thanks to appropriate card (Double Envelopment) played by Hannibal, all units are destroyed which turns Roman defeat into disaster:

Seems like a turning point – click to enlarge

(7) The consequence is simple – Roman army of Sicily withdraws to Rome to defend capital. I am taking advantage and foothold for Carthage in that rich island  is created.

(8) Marcin lands one army in Corsica/Sardinia as I am constantly contesting this theater.

(9) Marcin is able to cover all his loses with political influence in Transalpine Gaul – not the most important province. Result stays at 10-8 for Carthage.



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(10) No battles this turn, but slow political control overturn in Italy – Etruria joins Carthage cause…

(11) well as Sicily. The result turns in very nasty 12-6 for Carthage which means Marcin needs to remove 6 political markers. Unless he strikes back – and it has to be hard – things can get out of control for Rome…



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(12) Before Marcin can react, Hannibal moves to Tarentum and – thanks to great treachery card – turns the city into Carthage-controlled.

(13) Two battles between Rome and Carthage ensues – unfortunately for latter, all lost despite ferocity and relentless attacks of legions:

Hannibal crushes everybody – click to enlarge


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(14) Well, finally – moment for which Rome was waiting – Scipo Africanus joins the game! He immediately gathers maximum forces and attacks Hannibal. However, due to superior number of Allies in Italy Carthage manages to narrowly win, breaking all Roman hope to turn the tide:

Epic battle – two great generals at the stage

(15) Last battle – with Longus vs Hannibal – is played by me just to force Rome to surrender (as there were no more Roman political markers to remove). It indeed happens – Rome sues for peace:



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That was tough game for both of us – for Marcin as he as Carthage was under constant pressure. For me, remembering how fragile Hannibal can be and lost of him really can turn the tide of war. Thus maximally cautious and steady play wit Punic Army – which played out in the end! Of course, again, we have a lot of ideas how to play next encounter – so you may expect additional session reports of this game in the future!