Today I would like to briefly relate our struggles in anniversary, 60th Mini Tournament of Command Color Ancients – MT60 Roman Civil War. As always – fully supported by great website: This time instead of regular way of playing – two groups, everybody in group plays the same set of scenarios and the we compare results – we had a real knock-out play!

To make things even more interesting, we played only 1 game per round, with free disposition of pre-defined terrain and forces. That meant you need to plan not only how to fight, but how to position your forces. You have also some choices (third leader vs additional card) to make. Really interesting set-up.

We started with preliminary round, which both me and my fellow CCA companion – Marcin – smoothly passed. Then the real games begin…

First round:

I was matched with Togan – we both like to play each other, although the results of our games can different significantly. On that day it was in my favor, when my right flank totally destroyed the opponent forces:


At the same time Marcin won a game with Alecrespi, long-term CCA veteran and admin of That is definitely achievement!

The semi-final:

Well, we played with Marcin in many tournaments. And it had to happen some day… fratricidal game, where only one of us could progress. We deployed large forces, with a lot of AUX units on my left to negate Marcin’s cavalry:


Everything went according to my plan, both my wings won their battles and I was steadily wearying down my opponent. However, Marcin knew he has only one opportunity and he went for it – so attacked where he was still strong, hit in my center, took the camp and used the opportunity of me not having good cards to counter-attack.


What can I cay? Only that, the student has outgrown his master! And I am very glad to see it!

The final:

In the end, Marcin landed in final where he has GregO as opponent – another long term veteran of that fabulous game.

MT60 Final.png

Let the better win – and on that day, indeed Greg showed his superiority. Despite Marcin attempts, steady progress of Julian Legions smashed everything on their path! And so we finished MT60 – as always a lot of fun and good play.

PS. And here is the link to the webpage with actual results as well as MT rules: