Shortly after come back from vacation I had a chance to test with Marcin a bonus (Kickstarter) scenario from  Enemies of Rome – early republic, 2-players variant. The initial set-up is pretty basic, with one player starting in Rome and second in Asculum (if I remember correctly) while other areas are occupied by titular enemies of Rome:

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What is important and worth mentioning, that scenario has its own deck, plays very quickly (like 30 minutes) and is a good introduction into the game.

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In our brief game following things happened:

(1) I have initially developed in west-central Italy, risking some two-on-two cubes battles with barbarians

(2) Marcin followed similar suit, slightly moving to south

(3) To change dynamics of game I used naval movement and landed in south Italy (with great success, in the end capturing 5 provinces) and north Italy (with very limited success as I was limited to one province)

(4) Marcin in similar way sent expedition force North which paid-off well.

In the end I won 21-16 – gaining 3 points extra for majority of provinces controlled. That was quick, simple and enjoyable session. Definitely, just a teaser as the main game, with 5 players on large board is really how Enemies of Rome should be played!