So, finally we managed to finish our “epic struggle for peace”  – as already mentioned, we play with Churchill (Martin)Roosvelt/Truman (Kris) and Stalin (Michael/me) in order to crush the Axis. Last turns of the game brought a lot of twists and turns, emotions and incredible outcomes.

First part of the session report you can find HERE and second HERE.

So let us continue…

TURN 6 (London C)

Churchill - Turn6
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Main events of Turn 6:

  • 6.1 – Surprise, surprise – Stalin again wins! Of course, this is only possible when UK and US fights (mainly for theater leaderships)
  • 6.2 – Major development in Europe – Russians enters Prussia! At the same time Western and Mediterranean front do not progress – will Berlin fall in Soviet hands?
  • 6.3 – However, Pacific also sees nice developments – Hong Kong (UK) and Philippines (USA) falls

Points at the end of turn:

  • Michael (USSR) – 34 pts.
  • Martin (UK) – 30 pts.
  • Kris (USA) – 27 pts.

It is still tense, but I am slightly ahead. Nothing is decided yet…

TURN 7 (Quebec C)

Churchill - Turn7
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Main events of Turn 7:

  • 7.1 – This time it is decisive  that Stalin wins in Conference, with 4 issues grabbed. Martin has both leaderships so should be able to do some real damage. Kris nicely invests in governments.
  • 7.2 – SUPER MAJOR DEVELOPMENT IN EUROPE – due to Breakthrough, BERLIN falls!
  • 7.3 – Both Soviets and Western Allies progress on A-Bomb track
  • 7.4 – The “Berlin situation” does not prevent major moves in Pacific – Formosa fails (8 points to Martin) as well as Iwo Jima (another 3 to Kris).

Points at the end of turn:

  • Michael (USSR) – 52 pts.
  • Martin (UK) & Kris (USA) – 37 pts.

This was very point intensive turn – everybody scored nicely, with my Russians being in the lead. The problem was, I did not have much more options for points as you will soon see. Also, everything was showing that next turn will be the last one – either by UK entering the Japan or via A-Bomb (UK just have to push Russians to Manchuria). Let us see what really happened.

TURN 8 (Moscow C)

Churchill - Turn8
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Would it be the last turn? It has to be – what else could possibly go wrong? Oh, a lot…

Main events of Turn 8:

  • 8.1 – Kris outplays us and using his special ability – tie-breaking – wins the conference
  • 8.2 – What happens on Pacific is really odd: first, Martin with 80% probability did not managed to enter Japan… Then, nobody “helped” me to conquer Manchuria, which means that Japan does not surrender – still, my production was rather minimal and I focused on quick war end,  rather then attacking Japan. However, the notable development is that both Kyushu and Okinawa are being successfully invaded by Kris.

Points at the end of turn:

  • Michael (USSR) – 52 pts.
  • Kris (USA) – 50 pts.
  • Martin (UK) – 42 pts.

Crazy, crazy turn – and that is why I love Churchill! Kris is so close to me in points – I would rather not manage to survive in first position…

TURN 9 (YaltaC)

Churchill - Turn9
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Will it be finally last turn? Or some miracle will occur again? Well miracles occur but not twice in a row…

Main events of Turn 4:

  • 9.1 – Well, somehow it had to be equally distributed – this time Martin wins, which leaves all three of us after nine conferences with three conf wins; however, the debate of Martin when I tried to grab 2/2 Pol-Mil with Stalin, actually puts that issue into the hands of Kris – as well as the whole game…
  • 9.2 – Of course, with all my production I tried to force Kris fronts into Japan to deny him some points – I succeed only with one (and I had to build ships for him!). Martin – again 80% probability – this time successfully invades Japan. Manchuria however is not conquered.

Points at the end of GAME:

  • Kris (USA) – 56 pts.
  • Michael (USSR) – 53 pts.
  • Martin (UK) – 50 pts.

Wow, what a game it was – my first play from beginning to almost end (usually I played Training Scenarios or couple of turns from Campaign Scenario). I really like dynamics between three sides, their strengths and weaknesses, how the situation on map develops. It was a little surprising that Berlin fallen so early – September 1944 – but still as you might see, that does not mean immediately that Japan surrendered.

Really, superb couple of sessions – now time to introduce my colleagues to fantastic world of Pericles!