With some delay – well, we played that Falling Sky scenario over a year ago 🙂 – I would like to write short session report on our Year 54 BC game with Konrad, Jakub and Jacek. You may want to read our previous games: Year 52 BC and Year 54 BC.

The set-up of our game was:

  • Konrad – Aedui
  • Michal – Arveni
  • Kuba – Belgae
  • Jacek – Rome

It was already 3rd game in a row when Jacek draw Romans – he really wanted to get perfect at it. And indeed, Romans played very active role that time. In order to depict the game in details, I will allow myself to, as always, use the maps. So the initial situation in 54 BC:

Initial set-up – click to enlarge

And main actions of our game:

Click to enlarge

Year 54 BC:

  1. Caesar comes back from Britain, does some Belgae pacification but not enough which will have great repercussions later on
  2. Aedui – as always sneaky – try to expand east- and westwards. The West direction in the end occurs to be deadly (Arveni) but Sequani becomes Aedui City for good
  3. Arveni move west to colonize – it would be critically important decision before war with Rome – it is always good to have place to retreat to…
  4. Belgae rebuild their economy and state, sending some Germans inland

In essence, calm year of expansion on inhabited lands, with some minor skirmishes.

Year 53 BC:

  1. Those Aedui – as always finds a way to enrich themselves. Using event, they take over Veneti. Nobody has time nor resources to get rid of that nuisance…
  2. Belgae moves on Germans – they need those tribes, they need it for the win – and they will be very close while…
  3. Romans and Arveni clash. The Arveni region is conquered by Romans – you really cannot defend before all their might in one place. But…
  4. …proud Arvenin devastate like hell, denying Caesar possibility to move quickly and eliminating half of the auxiliary force…

Very, very interesting year, with major clashes between Arveni and Rome, Belgae trying to steal a win and Aedui expanding in the West.

If you would like to see more details, our game depicted on the Vassal map with all the details (plus played capabilities):

Click to enlarge

The only thing I regret is that we did not managed to finish the game… It was getting so tense, and so interesting!

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