On Sunday we decided with Martin and Kris to meet again and continue our epic “struggle for peace” – first part of the session report you can find HERE. Just as a reminder, we play with Churchill (Martin), Roosvelt/Truman (Kris) and Stalin (Michael/me) in order to crush the Axis and divide the spoils of war… Ups, sorry, forgot,  wrong rhetoric, “in order to restore everlasting peace on Earth”. Now that’s better 🙂

First three turns made us believe it will be piece of cake. Well, it is not any more…

TURN 4 (Cairo C)

We play full 10-turn scenario. The game very well depicts problems, internal conflicts of interests and difficulties in final, inevitable crush of Axis. It is also sometimes hard to agree with your ally on specific course of action – life you may say…

Churchill - Turn4.png

Main events of Turn 4:

  • 4.1 – Again, Martin and his well planned conference strategy allows him for win in this segment and 3 victory points
  • 4.2 – Strange, something is stuck on Pacific – Kris for the first time is not moving forward any of Pacific fronts…
  • 4.3 – However, Martin like lightning drives forward in CBI, gaining a breakthrough and two spaces
  • 4.4 – The only US success of this turn is progress on A-Bomb track
  • 4.5 – However, it pales in face of USSR accomplishments – Belarus falls while Western Front is stuck! Berlin is one step closer!

Points at the end of turn:

  • Martin (UK) – 30 pts.
  • Kris (USA) – 24 pts.
  • Michael (USSR) – 14 pts.

Martin is back in first position, Kris is stuck (he has very good or very bad turns – nothing in between) and I managed to gain few points…

TURN 5 (Teheran C)

Churchill - Turn5.png

Key points in turn 5:

  • 5.1 – This turn something special happened during conference segment. Martin and Kris fights over European / Pacific Leadership while I manage to sneak out the win!  5 victory points is very much welcome.
  • 5.2 – Unfortunately, both main European fronts are stuck with no progress.  The only move forward is on neglected, Mediterranean front.
  • 5.3 – It is no better in Asia – out of 4 only one gains ground (South West Pacific). Another important development is that USSR declares war on Japan!
  • 5.4 – A-Bomb is almost researched – there is only 1 step left!

Points situation:

  • Martin (UK) – 30 pts.
  • Michael (USSR) – 25 pts.
  • Kris (USA) – 23 pts.

That is definitely “soviet” round. I am jumping forward by 11 pts. while my two colleagues barely move on the victory track. The come back of USSR ensure very interesting and exciting end of the game! (turns 6-10)!

To be continued…