Only two days after my initial Julius Caesar game (described HERE I managed to find time and convince Jacob – another of my regular wargames opponents – to familiarize and try that new position. He definitely liked this and I am sure we will play again soon!

This time I had opportunity to lead “rebellion” against Senate and People of Rome (yup, I was Julius Caesar) and Jacob was the one to defend crumbling Republic (indeed, he got Pompey the Great):

We start like this…

There was much action in our epic struggle:

  • It was very bloody game, much bloodier then with Lucas
  • A lot happened not only on land (where I usually was able to prevail) but also on sea (where Jacob had upper hand)
  • I think the key point in game was when I decided to stop in Rome and do not pursuit Pompey till the end of Italy but rather quickly jump to Athens; that gave me enough head-start to get Hellespont before Pompey. In the end, that brave maneuver got me special prize as I conquered Efez
  • Spain was witness to many, many battles – with legions quite often changing the sides; however, in the end the border lien did not change a bit
  • The last round was so thrilling and full of sudden twists; so far Jacob was leading – slightly but still. Unfortunately, Pompey was o”on vacations” on Sicily and was not able to support his subordinate, Scipio. I initiated four battles over the course of last two rounds and get decent result in the end – Antioch conquered, Scipio dead. With that last-moment leap I grabbed victory in my hands!
…and here is how we finish!

The final score was Pompey the Great (Jacob) 6 : Julius Caesar (me) 8.

That was tremendously interesting and crazy game, with turns, twists, treachery and sudden changes of situation. We enjoyed it very much!

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