Today I would like to describe my first play of one of newest addition to my game-park – “Julius Caesar”. I had pleasure to embark on this journey with Lucas, my long time companion in ancient-themed games, especially CCA.

So, here is how we started – I was Pompey the Great, Lucas was playing Julius Caesar:

Initial set-up

The main actions of the game:

  • I was fiercely defending the south Italy, but finally decided retreat while my forces were still somehow intact and cohesive
  • Another point of defense was between Greece and Asia Minor (I lost the race to Dalmatia but it was pretty long shot from Syria)
  • In the last round Caesar managed to conquer the Hellespont and get that victory point
  • However, I amassed a large army which get Narborensis (today Marsille)
Game dynamics – so what happened

The final score was Pompey the Great (Me) 8 : Julius Caesar (Lucas) 5.

I think we could potentially play more via sea, but in the end game was tense and very, very interesting!

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