It is November 2022 and for the first time the number of wargames in RailsOnBoards store outweighed the number of 18xx games that they support. Glad to see such expansion and growing number of products – today I will have pleasure to present many new titles and series.

Second important point – RailsOnBoards starts the Black Friday Sale, which will be on from today, November 17th till the end of the month – so you will have enough time to get them for Christmas! That is a fantastic chance to get some of the great, tailor-made sets! Make sure to take advantage from the 20% discount for all the products. Do not miss it!

Here you can find all the wargaming tray sets (shipment world-wide!):

And now let us jump to details of newly added products!

Fire & Stone

The newest creation of the Robert DeLeskie, published by Capstone Games. Fire & Stone: Siege of Vienna 1683 places you in one of the most dramatic sieges in history. With a completely different set of cards for each player, you will conduct deadly assaults against impenetrable fortifications, dig tunnels packed with explosives, and launch desperate attacks to delay your enemy’s advance. Or you can play powerful events with the power to change the course of battle!

The set allows you to sort nicely and elegantly all game components – including the wooden fortifications – as well as four sets of cards. You can find more details here:

COIN Fire in the Lake Tri-pack

This is the title which does not need special introduction – Fire in the Lake. Fantastic design by Mark Herman and Volko Ruhnke gets a proper treatment! But wait, we are talking here not about one but three products! Yes, the sets presented above allow you to fully sort and store the Base Game, Trung Bot and Fall of Saigon expansions. But there is a bonus! The tray for the Fall of Saigon has already space left for the newest FitL expansion – Sovereign of Discord!

More details here:

Conquest & Consequence

Another successful attempt at creating storage solution for a game which is to a large extent driven by blocks. With so many components, cards and miscellaneous elements, Conquest & Consequence definitely benefits form proper, tailor-made set – which allows the box to close!

More details here:

Zero Leader

I really like and appreciate DVG (Dan Verssen Games) Leader series. They are great solitaire experiences; still, those titles are so much card and counters intense that proper way of sorting all this components is simply a must. After couple of attempts I designed a nice, elegant and fitting set which I hope will help you to “harness” that counter-monster 🙂

More details here:

Time of Crisis

Time of Crisis stays as one of my favorite 4-player ancient-Rome themed games. This is such a great experience, with well-balanced card mechanic (deck builder) and political and military struggle for dominance. The above sets allows to store the Base game and Expansion, all its cards and counters. I hope you will like it!

More here:

Radetzky’s March

That might be a small surprise – but I really appreciate and like Sergio Schiavi games and Radetzky;s March is definitely among them. The set presented here also fits other games by Dissimula Edizioni so you can freely use for other products!

More details here:


The cooperation between Poland-based blogger and entrepreneur continues 🙂 It is very encouraging how the idea which came to life like a year ago starts to flourish. It gives us a lot of satisfaction – creation of products which are tailor-made, verified and accurate is our goal.

Hope you will find them useful and spread the word / recommend!