We are today back to Alrmoavid – great game by Volko Rhunke, second in the Levy & Campaign series. What I will be presenting in a moment is definitely a unique element of this game prepared by the author. Why? Because today we shall focus not on strategic struggles between Christian and Taifa lords but a one, specific event in this two-years war.

The Battle of Sagrajas (23 October 1086) was a battle between the Almoravid army led by their King Yusuf and forces led by the Castilian King Alfonso VI. The Almoravids responded to the call of Jihad by the Taifas which commonly fought amongst themselves however they had united to battle the powerful Christian states to the north. The Taifas aided the Almoravids during the battle with troops, which lead to a severe defeat for the Christians.

It is my pleasure to present to you now a mini-game about the Battle of Sagrajas. Enjoy!