LINK to the sets:

The latest release in the Great Battles of History series – Julius Caesar Deluxe Edition – is marvelously beautiful product, combining two classical games: Caesar: The Civil Wars & Caesar: Conquest of Gaul into a single package along with the battles that were published as separate modules.

At the same time, this is such counter-intensive title – if I remember correctly, 7.5 sheets of counters, that you really need a decent solution to be able to sort it out and be able to quickly set-up the game. This is also true for other titles in the series thus I decided to design tailor-made tray-sets for:

  • Julius Caesar
  • Cataphract
  • Alexander
  • SPQR

In below short material I am presenting all four ideas. Should you be interested in only some of them the video allows for an easy navigation between the chapters. Enjoy!