In the last decade of the eighth century, Norse raiders sacked a series of Christian monasteries located in what is now the United Kingdom, beginning in 793 with a raid on the coastal monastery of Lindisfarne on the north-east coast of England. From 865, the Norse attitude towards the British Isles changed, as they began to see it as a place for potential colonization rather than simply a place to raid. As a result of this, larger armies began arriving on Britain’s shores, with the intention of conquering land and constructing settlements there. (Source:

We all know this stories and would love to bring them to our favorite hobby – wargaming. Thanks to Mark McG, one of the Commands & Colors fans, we will have that possibility using the Medieval installment. In below material I am presenting the Vikings Invasions of England Campaign, explaining where can it be found and what battles are fought there as well as demonstrate the first, initial scenario. Enjoy!