With a great excitement I was awaiting the large box from the Ledger Games. It was supposed to bring tons of new goodies for ROOT! Couple of days ago I finally received the long awaited package and would like to share with Dear Readers what we are getting in those expansions!

First, let me present you with the movie where you can see each and every detail – just click below or on “Watch on Youtube”:

Now, for those who prefer text and pictures I created the rest of article – you will be able to learn what each box covers plus click on the pictures to enlarge in full screen. Enjoy!

Root: The Marauder Expansion

Root: The Marauder Expansion introduces two new factions to the Woodland⁠—the Lord of the Hundreds and Keepers in Iron – alongside four hirelings and a new setup draft suitable for both casual and competitive play.

So we can play in following way:

As Lord of the Hundreds – Oppress the Woodland and burn it to the ground if need be. You suffer no dissent!
Keepers in Iron – Lead your exiled order of devout knights into battle to recover ancient relics. For glory!

What is more we can add unique strategies and make the Woodland wilder by utilizing hirelings! These small factions can be used at any player count and introduce surprising new power combinations as well as a chess-like tension to lower player count games of Root.

  • Forest Patrol & Feline Physicians – Secure your realm and heal deadly injuries with Marquise elites.
  • Last Dynasty & Bluebird Nobles – Crush your foes and prove your legitimacy with the last Eyrie regiment.
  • Spring Uprising & Rabbit Scouts – Revolt against despots and fight for freedom with Alliance sympathizers.
  • The Exile & The Bandit – Stalk the forests and steal what you need with these Vagabond mercenaries.

Root: The Clockwork Expansion 2

Using opportunity of getting Marauder Expansion, I went also for the Root: The Clockwork Expansion 2 . What we are getting here are four new automated opponents. We can now compete against the:

  • Lizard Cult
  • Riverfolk Company
  • Corvid Conspiracy
  • Underground Duchy

Also, the box it contains new trait cards to spice up the factions from the first Clockwork expansion (Cats, Birds, Rabbits and Vagabond). Of course, to use this product, you must have the Underworld and/or Riverfolk Expansions.

Difficulty levels and traits for the automated opponents from second Clockwork expansion

Root: Marauder Hirelings Pack & Hireling Box

This is the last part of the package. A special, dedicated box where you can keep your Hirelings – plus couple of new ones! Why use them? Because everybody needs allies! And here they are – fiery and fierce.

We are getting here six new hirelings:

  • Street Band & Popular Band
  • Stoic Protector & Furious Protector
  • Bandit Gangs & Highway Bandits

It also comes in a lovely box to store all your Root hirelings!

Beautiful group of all hirelings available! Small allies can be very helpful!

Hirelings can be added to games at any player count. With fewer players, the hirelings add new pieces to the map, ramping up the tension and giving you more tactical options. With more players, some hireling cards will flip over to reveal new special abilities to gain, letting you explore unique and powerful strategies.

And that will be all for today – session reports will follow shortly!