I am just getting in the 18XX series and decided to start with the new edition of 1848 Australia. This position is a semi-historical railroad game from the 18xx set, and to which the designers credit some of this games’ systems to the originator of the series – Francis Tresham. I had a chance to play already couple of small 18XX – you always have two separate series of actions repeated until the game ends, these are stock rounds and operating rounds. During stock rounds, shares in the various railroading companies are bought & sold. During operating rounds, the player/directors of those railroading companies are allowed to build track place stations, buy trains, etc.

1848 features an interesting array of differences from the base system. These include how private companies are purchased, the inclusion of The Bank Of England as a public company that extends loans and administers railroads that are in receivership, dealing with different track gauges between states and ‘The Ghan’ special train.

Today we look at the components and briefly into game mechanics. Session Reports will follow!