Mini-Scenario #9, Sinking the Bismarck

After slipping around Iceland and shadowed by British cruisers, the Bismarck heads into the open Atlantic to hunt for merchant shipping. In the early morning hours of May 24 it is intercepted by two British ships. Their mission: engage and destroy Germany’s most fearsome naval vessel. The result is legendary. The two German ships opened on the Hood and fifteen minutes later that British ship was wracked by explosions and sank. The Prince of Wales escaped with little damage, but the Bismarck trailed a slick of oil as she sought a French port.

A very interesting face-off between British and German battleships. Who will prevail? Would the history repeat itself? Enjoy below short session report in the format of Video!

Mini-Scenario #10, Three Days Later

After the demise of the Hood (above), the Bismarck’s trail of oil made her easy to follow. Assailed from the air more than once, she had eluded fatal confrontation on the sea, as she made her way to France. With only a few hours to go before reaching the safety of German air cover, a British hunter squadron intercepts the now crippled ship. Pounded by the British battleships, the Bismarck ruggedly carried on. Torpedo attacks from the Dorsetshire did her in.

A very difficult scenario for Germans, with damaged Bismarck trying to escape the British hunters. A short video-session report will tell the story of this engagement. With it I will also conclude my Advanced battles series!