The last of my GMT 2021 Summer tiles – Andean Abyss – arrived. This is first volume in COIN series by Volko Ruhnke. I played many titles in the series, but never had a chance to try the original. So now was the time to fix this!

The theme is veryy interesting. Colombia in the 1990s hosted one of the world’s last Marxist guerrilla armies, brutal drug lords, and right-wing death squads and appeared close to failing as a state. A decade later, its Marxists had lost their top leaders and rural sanctuary, its big drug bosses were dead or in prison, and its paramilitaries were negotiating demobilization. The Government had extended its writ to most of the countryside, restored its popularity, and improved the economy and respect for human rights.

For today am am doing short unboxing and presentation of components:

Session reports will follow!