The goodies from GMT 2021 Summer sale started to arrive. One of them is Bayonets & Tomahawks, a 2-player strategic game focusing on the French & Indian War 1755-1760. One player controls the British and the other controls the French and most Indians. Indian diplomacy, raids, constructions, naval operations, sieges: nothing is left out in order to immerse players in the fascinating military asymmetries of the 18th-Century colonial frontier.

B&T is card driven. What is interesting, unlike most card assisted war games player do not manage a hand of cards. Each player starts the year with one undisclosed reserve Action card picked randomly. At the beginning of each Action round, both players draw a new card. They must then choose one of their 2 cards to play for the current round. The other card becomes their reserve for the next round. At each action round, the French player also gets a random Indians action card.

Can’t wait to bring the game to the table – mechanics seems really fresh and the components look gorgeous. For now, detailed look into the contents of the box.

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I will soon start playing the game, so you can count on my session reports!