Welcome to the already 6th installment in the Gloomhaven monster analysis series. So far we had a closer look at some of the most formidable enemies like Earth, Flame & Frost and then Night, Sun & Wind demons, we also verified strengths and weaknesses of the Inox-type opponents plus had a closer look on always difficult to tackle Undead creatures. Last time we analyzed Drakes – fast and very dangerous creatures.

Today the focus will be on a very problematic group of enemies – Vermlings.

So what you may expect in that article? Detailed screens from monster ability and skills cards – I find them very useful. On top of this I am providing some calculated statistics and ways to counter those enemies – after 40+ scenarios in Gloomhaven world our group gained enough experience to share some useful tips & tricks.

I hope those materials will be helpful in your journey through the wonderful world of Gloomhaven!

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Vermling Scout

=> minimum29
=> maximum92
=> average~56 (pretty slow)
=> varationFrom 29 to 92 = 63 (average)
Damage (lvl1-lvl7)Regular: 1-3 Elite: 2-4
Hit points (lvl1-lvl7)Regular: 2-11 Elite: 4-15
Weapon typeMelee
SpecialsTarget more than 1 enemy, Poison
Vermling Scout ability cards


While individually definitely not the strongest opponent – especially in the regular form – that could become a real nuisance should you meet a whole pact of high-level Vermling Scouts. And usually this will be the case, as they rarely ever roam the world of Gloomhaven individually.

While not a fastest enemy, it has some tricks to surprise you – namely Poison (25% of cards) and multiple targets attacks. With decent reach (3-4 hexes) you will very soon be surrounded by those small pesticides. How to get rid of them then?

How to deal with them:

  • First and foremost, try to hit as many of those Scouts as possible. In most cases, a single hit will do the trick. The problem is to have a multi-target or area attack – Tinkerer and Spellweaver have many of such cards.
  • It is a melee monster and only 2 cards allows him for a range attack so immobilizing it and attacking from range is always a great idea.
  • Remember, they are not too fast – 29 being the highest initiative; so you can usually act before them and easily deal with most before they have chance to react!

Vermling Shaman

=> minimum08
=> maximum89
=> average~37 (a quick one)
=> varationFrom 8 to 89 = 81 (very large)
Damage (lvl1-lvl7)Regular: 1-4 Elite: 2-4
Hit points (lvl1-lvl7)Regular: 2-7 Elite: 3-8
Weapon typeRange
SpecialsMuddle, Shield
Vermling Shaman ability cards


Much more formidable opponent. Fortunately, you would encounter maximum of 1-2 at one time. Especially difficult to tackle when your characters are on lower levels, with not much possibilities to penetrate shield. Later on it will not be easier – with 4 or 5 value armor, it is really hard to get to Shaman. But you can use tricks 🙂

Please also observe how quick that monster can be (three cards with initiative below 10) but also unpredictable (he has 89 card). But the most painful are his ability: to immobilize, disarm or curse you. At the same time giving bless and heal to his allies.

How to deal with them:

  • First and foremost – get to it and eliminate asap, before it starts de-buffing you or assisting his allies. Make him a priority.
  • Much easier said then done – not only he will have high shield, but you will most probably would have to get through his melee companions – Scouts!
  • In order to kill him, use perfect combo: range attack using the Piercing Bow and possibly Eagle-Eye Goggles. That way you ignore shield and have advantage in the attack. Should you posses – like Spellweaver – multi-target distance attack, you can get eliminate multiple shamans in one attack!
  • Another tactic is use of wound condition. That will cripple the creature every turn, speeding up significantly its demise.
  • Alternatively and depending on your group composition – you can use special skills of particular characters. Examples are Scoundrel and his card adding Shield value to attack (Trickster’s Reversal) or instant kill of normal enemy (Visage of the Inevitable).


Sometimes undervalued, disregarded and neglected, Vermlings can really be a nuisance and endanger your group. They almost always attack as a pack, have good reach, support each other (Scout <=> Shaman) and requires many attacks – not because they have so many Hit Points, but because there is so many of them!

Good luck!