This blog is mainly devoted to the boardgames hobby but as you know, there are some exceptions to this too:) One of them is definitely the My passion for history series, which focuses on books, movies, video and boardgames connected to specific periods / events in the past. Another exception is my long-lasting love for the Sid Meier’s creation – Civilization series.

I have played all the installments of the game, but the real apogee came with 4th and 5th part. Maciej and Krzysztof were my main opponents and we started our more or less regular games in 2009 – since then we had around 40 full-games played. Recently we do not play as often and mainly come back to released in 2010 Civilization V – with all the add-ons this is by far the best title in the series.

Sometimes we decide for pretty confrontational games, sometimes together as a team we face a high-difficulty enemies. All in all, this is always a social event where video game is only pretext for having good time. This year was a specific one – for the first time we did not have our annual Christmas meeting. Instead, we decided that we will play remotely CIV V. And just to be clear – the meeting and social aspect was as much important as the game itself. Well, at least for the first hour after which we plunged in great world of CIV V!


We usually like our games quick and confrontational – be it against each other or AI. So we play on the small map with slightly more Civilizations then the designers planned. CIV V have great modding possibilities, with most of changes done in XML config files. Below full report from our 300 turn game – you can click on picture to enlarge them.


That was refreshing – after a year since our last game, it was good to be back with CIV. That is such a great and interesting game, especially when played with great companions. We definitely need to come back to this more often! As for the results – they were of secondary importance and great fun was our main driver to meet.