The October is slowly approaching its end so it is time to finally post next installment of CCA Solitaire Challenge. My idea is to have each month at least one puzzle and so far it is going well. Today we will move to the eastern shores of the Roman empire and a surprise attack by Sassanian forces. All rules as explained in the main article regarding solitaire challenge. Special updates to this quiz below. Enjoy!

CCA solitaire challenge #1
CCA solitaire challenge #1 – RESOLUTION

The Solitaire Challenge #02

It was a warm, dry night of the eastern steppes. The Imperial Guard detachment was coming back from patrol. Unfortunately, the quickly falling night surprised the Roman soldiers and they had to break camp far from the main legions.

During the night there was a lot of strange noises, but the sentry deemed it the animals making noise. And indeed, these were animals but when the watch noticed charging elephants and camels it was too late…

The Solitaire Challenge #02 – set-up
The Solitaire Challenge #02 – dice roll results table

Challenge #2 special rules:

  • You will have three cards too chose from – Out FlankedInspired Center LeadershipMounted Charge. You can use only 1. Discard others.
  • Your command is 3.
  • After Roman turn, the surviving camels (only) will attack adjacent Roman units. If there is more then one such unit, the weakest (smallest number of blocks) will be target. If multiple units are adjacent and all have same strength, choose whichever you want. If no Roman unit is adjacent to camel, no attack will happen.
  • You can change two dices during the game: one to Leader symbol and one to Flag. It can be done to any rolls: attack, battle back, leader check, evade, etc.
  • The Imperial Legions rule is in effect for the Romans.
  • The reduction in the number of blocks of some units is purposeful.
  • All other rules are as per standard CCA Solitaire Challenge Rules & Conventions
  • The scoring of this challenge is slightly changed – each lost unit (lost victory banner by you) decreases final result by 1. So if you managed to destroy 5 units but lost 3 in process (and possible camel attack) your final score is 2.

Once more, the task is not easy, but you have a lot of possibilities to activate your units. Choose wisely – each whole unit lost (including sentries) decreases your score!

Additional resources:

Please send the answers via Blog CONTACT form from this blog or directly to my email. It can be description in Word of your action, a saved Vassal log file or any other form. Please provide your nick under which your result will be published!

Good luck!