About game: SpaceCorp: 2025-2300 AD is a board game in which one to four players explore and develop outer space over three eras. We control the enterprises – located on Earth – through three epochs:

  • Mariners – covers exploration and development out to Mars.
  • Planeteers – focuses on the whole Solar System
  • Starfarers – we send missions to nearby star systems in order to establish interstellar colonies.

There are tons of actions players can take and each era is played on the different board. What is more, the game is based on Ejner Fulsang’s SpaceCorp book, the first of the Galactican Series.

The game is created by my favorite solitaire games author – John H. Butterfield – and the solo module for the game is indeed of superb quality.

Would you live-up to the expectations of those who believe in you and made the people on Earth proud and yourself rich? Space awaits!

Number of players:

The game is designed in two modes – multiplayer from 2 to 4 competitors plus a solo one. I explicitly write about two modes as each is completely separate and has own rulebook.

Playing time: The full game of three eras including four players would be the longest possible session – probably around 3-4 hours. Still, once you get experienced with SpaceCorp you should definitely be able to fit in no more then 3 hours.

There is also possibility to play the each era separately, as scenario. Then the game is max 1 hour.

Complexity: Not overly complex and the number of rules and interactions between games elements grows with era. The first one, Mariners, is pretty straightforward and quick – more like learning experience. Then additional components and possibilities are added, up to the ultimate goal – colonization in the Starfarers era.
What I like:
  • I must admit I am hooked with theme; space exploration – in more or less probable timeline and with rule reflecting on high level how it can be done in reality; this is so thematic and not too over-engineered with tons of rules
  • The growing complexity of the game – you learn as you play through eras
  • Discovery tiles – everybody loves it, children especially. What would I get this time? What awaits me on this planet or moon?
  • Aliens – it is not easy to find them and they can be nasty; but what a fun is to finally meet them!
  • Great, dedicated and well designed solitaire mode – John H. Butterfield at his best!
  • That will be repetition with GMT games but I have to do it – top quality of components
What I do not like:
  • There is definitely need for some variety between  space corporations – currently everybody just follow similar paths to victory (expansion should address this)
  • I was thinking about some specific goals for eras or game end which can spice-up the game – contract are fine, something similar but more attached to player game-play can be added
For whom? Everybody. Really, I mean it. The game is not overly complex, the first era can be easily played with children, the exploration and discovery element is so much fun.
More about the game:

And now let us have a look at the components – all pictures from my session reports or unboxing. Enjoy!

Player mats and cards fueling the game (click to enlarge)
Player aids as well as game tokens (click to enlarge)
Planeteers era map at the end of epoch (click to enlarge)
Close-up on Starfarers map at the end of epoch (click to enlarge)



SpaceCorp was a surprise – first, an Euro game from GMT Games (you do not get many from them) and secondly, a very interesting journey through the stars with great solitaire mode. This is definitely not the most complicated space game I played and has very limited negative interaction. That makes it perfect for introduction potential players to our hobby or simply for family boardgames. I really like it and play whenever possible.

Strongly recommended! See you in another game review!