Did I mention that I like to play Commands Colors games in logical, consecutive scenarios, thus creating mini-campaigns? And if the time permits, switching sides? Exactly such a session I would like to present to the Dear Readers today!

The game played will be Memoir’44. It has a great expansion – Winter Wars – which me and my fellow wargaming buddy – Lukasz – play as a mini-campaign. That game-box is great as it covers both normal scenarios and breakthrough type. The first part of the campaign – played on normal  maps – was already published by me and I encourage you to have a quick look at that after action report. What follows today is a very exciting scenario, played twice, on the extended, breakthrough map.

The Scenario

Some information on the scenario background (following Days of Wonder page): On December 23, Kampfgruppe ‘Krag” was already in control of the village of Salmchâteau when Task Force ‘Jones’ approached along the steep-sided Salm valley. The column of American tanks and infantry were spread out along the road when Krag unleashed an attack. There was limited room for Jones to deploy and bring forward any units. To make matters worse, Panthers of the Führer Begleit Brigade were moving forward out of Cierreux. Both German forces converged on Jones’ column. Total victory eluded them though: Some American units escaped west, while the men and guns of the 440th Armored Field Artillery fled to safety through the hills to Vielsalm.

That really sounds like an exciting scenario!

Game 1

Deep breakthrough scenario set-up – Americans encircled, Germans ready to attack from both sides, one exit (to the left) for Allied troops (click image to enlarge)
Final disposition of forces as well as the key actions during the game (click image to enlarge)

Summary of the main developments as marked above:

  1. A devastating attack of German panzers from south kills three US units
  2. However, Allied tanks counter-attack and the score is even, with four points falling to each side on that front
  3. In the meantime, the German tanks do a raid on lonely infantry and artillery, killing one and routing the other
  4. But the most important battle rages near the exit point the area is contested by the US troops and at the same time tightly guarded by Germans. After heavy fighting the latter prevails
  5. In the end, Allied troops attack heavily fortified village in the north, seeking some victory points – all in vain, as Germans finally acquire a marginal win. Lukasz (Germans) 9Michal (USA) 9.

Game 2

Initial set-up of our re-match (click image to enlarge)
Fateful moment for US troops – whole Armored Division vaporized by Artillery Barrage (click image to enlarge)
End of game close-up on exit hex – very tense situation (click image to enlarge)
Final disposition of the forces as well as key actions during the game (click image to enlarge)

And again summary of actions as marked on above map:

  1. In a classic opening, German Panthers attack exposed US Infantry Divisions, wreaking havoc. However, counter-offensive stops the advance.
  2. This time Allies are much more systematic – first of all they dispatch two very strong infantry positions.
  3. Then they occupy the exit hex and are starting to move the troops out of the map!
  4. Wehrmacht high command cannot accept it and three panzer divisions attack fiercely there, in the end successfully routing Americans.
  5. What follows is a full-fledged counter offensive in the map center, tipping the balance into the Axis favor. But again, very close: Michal (Germans) 9Lukasz (USA) 9.


That was fun, really. Both games proved to be very tight and close endeavor, both won by Germans but only by a scratch. The multiple fronts, possibility to gain Victory Banners in many ways, a lot of interesting equipment, including Tank Destroyers and Mobile Artillery allows for very enjoyable and exciting game! I hope to report to you further session in Winter Wars campaign!