The Christmas presents season continues – as already written, I got a pretty decent EURO game (Viticulture Essential Edition) but it would be virtually impossible to finish without some wargame. And what a position it will be – a new edition for Great Battles of History – Cataphract! Again, I am sharing my joy from that present in below unboxing:

And as always, some close-ups on components:

High-quality tokens – a trademark of GBoH series (click to enlarge)
Special map for Justinian mini-game (click to enlarge)
Regular Cataphract maps (click to enlarge)
And set of rulebooks, scenariobooks and player aids (click to enlarge)

What I really like about Cataphract is that there is a lot of scenarios with low density of tokens which will allow that game to land on my table pretty often. And of course, pretty soon you can expect the session reports covering those engagements! Merry Christmas!