The Saturday evening was a good time – and good excuse – to meet and play some boardgames. Having in mind that the meeting with our friends was also aimed to showing some pictures from our recent trip to Peru/Bolivia plus that we anticipate and extension to that game – the choice was obvious . We played Altiplano!

It was some time since we last played so a refresh of rules was in order for all of us – but that was quick. We also decided we will play with secret missions- that always brings additional thrill to the game.

All in all, we were buying extensions so quickly that we did no manage to accumulate to many resources:

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None of us managed to store any goods in right part of the Warehouse:

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In the end results were like this:

  • Michal 101
  • Jakub 90
  • Magda 87
  • Aga 68

I must admit that after that session I am awaiting the expansion with anticipation!