The time has come – my copy of Radetzky’s March finally arrived! Unfortunately, due to my camera malfunction today’s un-boxing will be with photos only. But still, I hope to convey full beauty of the game.

First thing which draws attention is beautiful, detailed map:

Full board with hastily set-up training scenario (click to enlarge)

It is not mounted one but hard and thick material used will allow for many games.

Next thing – which is very important in wargame – the tokens. Counters are beautiful and comes in two versions; also, please note that they are rounded so no clipping needed!

Version 1:

Standard counters, with numbered corps / divisions (click to enlarge)

Version 2:

Divisions / corps with historical banners / colors – less clear but more thematic (click to enlarge)

I also like graphical deployment chart – with some flexibility to set-up, which takes away long time to set-up wargame going piece by piece, hex by hex:

Exemplary Austrian deployment chart (click to enlarge)

Last but not least, rules. The rule-book is pretty brief and concise – on top of standard set of rules, it has also training scenarios, game tips and historical background.

Rule-book (click to enlarge)
Terrain chart – important element of every wargame (click to enlarge)

Long time I was waiting for a wargame in old, good style – although with some twists of novelty, like activation mechanics (I will write about it more in my session reports and eventual review). Stay tuned!