Today I would like to describe Kickstarter campaign which draw my attention by beautiful graphics, interesting theme (I love Lovecraft!) and possibility to play from 1 to 4 player – Machina Arcana!

As per campaign site:

In Machina Arcana, players take on the role of explorers who are investigating an ancient subterranean complex of unknown origin. They face monsters inspired by H. P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos in a steampunk setting.

press_kit_-_cards.jpg Cards (click to enlarge)

The complete story is broken down into different scenarios that represent a self-contained game. All of these scenarios contain chapters, each with its own narration and specifics. Even if they manage to stay alive till the end of the story, they will face a special mini game at the finale of each scenario. As the story progresses, so does your gear. But beware! A horde of unique and terrifying monsters are bent only to destroying your party. If that isn’t enough, Horror itself disrupts and hinders any remaining hope in these comfortless chambers.

press_kit_-_chapters.jpg Chapters (click to enlarge)

Enjoy the stunning art and dark visuals of the game, let yourself be entranced in the gripping story and peculiar events.

A novel way of interacting with environment, inventory, combat mechanics, tactical and storytelling experience all connected in order to give you a complete immersion and replay value.

press_kit_-_dice.jpg Dice (click to enlarge)

 The main goal behind Machina Arcana is to provide players with a chilling game that can never be played the same way, mechanisms that enable varying strategies and approaches, and an extensive framework that combines everything smoothly.

press_kit_-_monsters.jpg Monsters (click to enlarge)

There is no need for game master, the game scales by default, no need for special conditions based on the player count, and the game provides a modifiable duration and difficulty setting. But one thing is always certain – every session is different, huge content and a game that is easy to learn but hard to master.

press_kit_-_playing_area.jpg Playing area (click to enlarge)

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The game looks great! The mechanics are interesting, subject compelling and the stories – just wait to unfold! I strongly encourage you guys to go to Kickstarter page and support the project!