This time I am presenting to you second part of the Sparta Hegemony campaign in Command Colors Ancients. First part of the campaign was very exciting and sometimes dramatic – so we hoped for another portion of great fun this time. And we were not disappointed – despite almost 500 sessions with that game, I still find it very re-playable and enjoying! So, let us plunge into the history again!

6) Coronea (394 BC)

Coronea was last and crushing battle of the uprising against Sparta in 394 BC. Experienced Hoplites, including Ten Thousand, smashed completely the allied forces – it was one of the worst blood-baths in the history of Hoplite battles. The initial line-up was as follows:

Initial set-up – click to enlarge

In our game, coalition forces under my command pushed on the right, while Marcin and his Spartans did exactly the same on his right. What ensued was very balanced and even battle which in the end was decided by bigger amount of blocks in Spartan units:

Bloody finish – with Sparta winning

That was close, and could had gone either way but this time Spartan Hoplites – yet – managed to prevail.

7) Lechaeum (391 BC)

Lechaeum is very specific battle. It presents only hoplites on Spartan side and only light units on Athenian. Historically, the latter ones, seeing opportunity in lack of Spartan cavalry and light troops, decided to attack passing hoplites. When hoplites charged Athenians, they retreated, when Hoplites continued the march – they fall on Spartans with javelins, bows ad slings again. The above process was repeated couple of times, forcing Spartans to change the route and swallow bitter blow to their pride.

The set-up is as I said interesting:

Initial set-up – click to enlarge

Our game – despite only 3 banners needed – lasted very long due to constant evasion of my light troops while I tried to hit Marcin’s hoplites in range. As you can see (enlarging picture) the losses on both sides were enormous:

Very long game, with Spartans prevailing

Despite couple of occasions, I failed to pin down Spartans which resulted in my final defeat 2-3.

8) Tegyra (375 BC)

Tegyra scenario is another non-usual, 3 banner, quick clash. How quick – you would not imagine but we will come to it… In 379 BC, an insurrection erupted in the Spartan garrison at Thebes. Four years later it was still in full swing and at Tegyra we had a small, interesting clash – 300 Thebans, including Sacred Band, encountered 1’000 Spartans. Instead of falling back and retreating, they just charged in the middle of enemy. Spartans were taken by surprise and – for first time – were beaten by equally-sized or smaller force.

So, the set-up is very quick and confrontational:

Initial set-up – click to enlarge

And now the best part: this was quickest Command Colors game in my career! I just played one card – Double time. Attacked 4 times, killed full three units and leader. Finished. Wow!

My shortest CCA game ever – 1 card played!

Well, not so much to add – Marcin did not even has a chance to react…

9) Leuctra (371 BC)

Each hegemony finishes one day. Especially one fueled by arrogance, disregard for your allies and subjects. That was the case with Sparta and their former ally – Thebes. In 371 hostilities erupted and two armies met at Leuctra. The brilliant Theban commander, Epaminondas, acting against all the ancient hoplite warfare rules, surprised and crushed utterly Spartan. Leuctra ended the era of Spartan military invincibility.

Initial set-up – click to enlarge

In CCA the set-up reflects Epaminondas brilliant plan – massive phalanx positioned against right Spartan wing – place where ancient commanders will put best units and most force. Crush the most important and dangerous part of enemy army – isn’t this a brilliant plan?

A real blood-bath for Spartans

Well, it worked. It worked very well – even 5-block Spartans were not able to withstand onslaught brought by Sacred Band and Thebans!

10) Mantinea (362 BC)

In 371 at Leuctra Spartan hegemony over Greece ended and ascent of Thebes started. Epaminondas organized Arcadian league to counter-balance Sparta and ensure Theban dominance. That lead – surprise !!! – to Sparta allying with Athens and facing Thebans at Mantinea. Again, Thebans decisively prevailed but lost much more – their brilliant commander was killed. In the end, the ultimate result was a weakening of Greece that paved the way for the Macedonian conquest.

This is how we started:


Initial set-up – click to enlarge

And this is how it ended:

Historical result

My left wing crushed through allied Spartan/Athenian forces while I lost some units in the center. In the end, it was decisive debacle for once superb hoplites…


Another five very interesting scenarios, which played in sequence gives you a feeling of travelling through history. The final result was in favor of Greeks – the final result was: Michal (Greeks) 46 – Marcin (Spartans) 34, however, significant impact on this had two last battles (where Greeks achieved 8 banners difference).