Today I have pleasure to draw your attention to special Kickstarter campaign. Recently we have seen may boardgames ported to digital versions (see my post about Through The Ages and Agricola). It is not so common to see the move into the other direction – from digital into analog /board version. And here we have such example:

What strategy fan does not know fabulous and immerse grand strategies of Paradox? I was attached to Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron or Stellaris for tens of hours. But one of the most intriguing and innovatory games was Crusader Kings, where focus was not only on politics but heavily on building and maintaining dynasty.

Crusader Kings – The Board Game

As the creators of the game wrote: Crusader Kings – The Board Game captures the essence of the Crusader Kings experience, in a physical tabletop format. This is a strategy game at heart, but with a special focus on characters, intrigue, and juicy medieval drama. It’s a big, beautiful game centered on a map of medieval Europe, using cards for actions, characters and events and dozens of well-crafted plastic miniatures to represent knights, armies, castles, and more.

As for the gameplay: In Crusader Kings – The Board Game, you assume the role of a major historical dynasty of Medieval Europe. Which dynasties are available depends on the scenario being played.

The dynasties struggle for control of the provinces on the game board. This province control is indicated by the detailed knight figures that come with the game. In order to be successful, you need to manage the traits of your royal family, find the right spouse to marry, get rid of unwanted heirs to your throne, develop your domain, make and break alliances with other players, plot, invade and crusade, all the while experiencing events of the life of a medieval ruler.

The board looks great!

We would also have beautiful, plastic miniatures in the game:

Miniatures are beautifully prepared

If you would like to know more about game mechanics, I strongly encourage you to to check the BETA rules:

Also, you should definitely check the Kickstarter page of the campaign:

Would you dare to lead your dynasty to greatness?