Well, finally they come – vacations! Early May in Poland is time to rest for everybody but this time we extended it a bit. The reason was clear – we go to bike in the Balkans! To get there – with bicycle – takes time and today morning after 24hrs of travel we arrived to Montenegro.

To spend the travel time efficiently we again used digital versions of our favorite games. And below – short session reports.

Through The Ages

That game shines always and everywhere. And the mobile version removes all the painful stuff of moving counters or shuffling cards. It is really fast – and not less tense than regular game. Enough to say that Magda got to like it immediately!

So we played a game for two, me being the red:

Michal’s final civilization situation

And Magda being the green:

Magda’s final civilization situation

It was tense game, with close scores but without aggressions.

As shown above, in the end my faction prevailed. But the scores itself were pretty high.


Another digital incarnation of very popular board game. And efficiently ported to mobile devices.

This time the game was not so balanced as I heavily invested into improvements and occupants:

Magda immediately started to develop livestock but in the meantime I managed to catch-up and then gradually gain the points advantage:

It was time well spent – and to show what we were doing after arriving at destination, small teaser:

More will come!