Last weekend I had pleasure to play with Marcin, Kuba G. and Kuba J. long awaited Enemies of Rome. The game won Kickstarter campaign but had some delay in production. However, finally the arrived and game begun!

There were four of us so we occupied four starting positions with fifth (Rome) in hands of Barbarians. Below initial set-up – it did not held for long:


One thing which that game taught us is that you should not be too much attached to your provinces – and you need to embrace very nasty surprises from your colleagues from time to time – just look at the below situation, when dear Kuba J. sends whole swarm of Carthaginians at my capital. Already in first round!

First Punic War – what a nasty card…

However, the events and turns in game were what made this game fun – level of emotions was high and time and again somebody just cried out “Oh my God!”.

But let us look in more organized way what happened on board:

Situation at the end of game

(1) My North African kingdom was target of many incursions, but only Carthaginians under command of Xanthippus managed to take (temporary) control of it.

(2) Kuba G. was quickly expelled from Spain and tried to find new home in Thrace, expelling in return Kuba J. They both were reconciled by 12 Enemies of Rome units, who finally occupied the space.

(3) Syria for long time was a home to Marcin. Then, suddenly, Kuba G. migrated again, using the Jewish Rebellion card. It was third home for Kuba – this time for god, although many events tried to change it…

(4) War over Rome was very interesting. Marcin managed to wreck it from barbarians but then was surprised by my treacherous attack, which ended with my 5 legions occupying Eternal City till the end of game…

(5) At the end of game Marcin decided to become insular power. He took control of Corsica, Sardinia and Crete… only to loose it next turn to Kuba J. Well, this game can be brutal…

(6) The last turn came. Kuba G. did a final leap – allowing hi to win the game. Unfortunately for him Spain was well defended and attack failed, incurring -2 VP penalty for aggressor.

(7)  In my last move, I finally managed to play the card I was holding for most of the game – Invasion of Britain. That one, additional VP was very helpful at the end of game.

The final scores were as follow:

  1. Michal 18
  2. Kuba J. 17 (8 legions) – fed to lions…
  3. Kuba G. 17 (6 legions) – also fed to lions…
  4. Marcin 14 – first fed to lions!


I was looking for some time for medium-light wargame, which you can play in about 2 hours – game not too simple, with negative interaction and good replayability. After first game I can admit I got what I was looking for!

Also, this is very balanced and closely played game – you can raise from ashes even after poor round. In addition, we added home rule that for keeping any starting province you get 1 additional VP – I think this is good option and puts some pressure on keeping / conquering those vital points.

For sure you can expect more reports from this interesting and exciting game!