It is good to have some time off. You can spend Easter with family, as always in Polish tradition with tables succinctly filled with whatever delicious food you can imagine. However, it is good idea to find some time for boardgames too!

That is what we did with Magda – we played short Azul session, however – with advanced rules. Those rules do not pre-define where each tile has to go on your wall. There is simple rule – one color cannot repeat twice in any vertical line. They can however repeat in horizontal ones.

Well, seems simple and not so different from basic rules? Nothing more wrong – it plays really different, you have to plan well in advance and can create much more powerful combinations / combos.


As you can see, we accumulated a lot of points – I think these are highest scores in history – but that was thanks to flexibility of advanced rules. I think we will not come back to basic ones as the recently discovered new mode is much more interesting!