So after playing my first solo the time came for the scenario which seemed to me as most interesting – 54 BC “Pax Gallica?”. Why, you ask, most interesting? Because it give almost full freedom to all factions to develop in its own way – it is not packed and dense with units, you do not need immediately to fight but have time to develop and plan. Initial set-up – so few units and where that Caesar went?

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First year and first winter – 54 BC:

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Main activities:
(1) Romans retreat their units from Britain to continent; the Belgae are rallying like hell, for majority of the year

(2) Aedui are fighting with Arvernin for control of Mandubi region (mainly with events) only to use another one and spread westwards; however, they finish in pretty vulnerable position, as Arverni built up their forces pretty nicely before next season

(3) Romans – in their last move – manages to get majority of their armies to safety; this is not so easy as…

(4) …Belgae manipulates nicely Germans, which coupled with winter phase, creates really big problem for Romans (no supply line to Belgium) for Winter itself and next year
No decisive moves this year, all still possible.

Second year and second winter – 53 BC:

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Main activities:

(1) Arverni finally stopped rapid development of Aedui, executing March + Entreat; some Rallies also helped them to build strong Warbands / Allies base. They seems to be in good position now to contest victory in the game – with one exception… not enough killed Roman legions!

(2) Aeduci fled to Carnutes and took position of this; also built citadel there and finally almost fully removed Arverni from Mandubi region. However, all in all poor yer it was for them…

(3) Belgae took possession of Atrebates (two allies and Roman fort removed); moved to take control of Britain and Carnutes. With Romans occupied by subduing Germans, Arverni fighting with Aedui they were at 17 points! But quick march of Caesar in last turn denied them the victory (they lost control of one province, reducing their points to 15).

(4) …Roman legions. Yes, Romans played that turn very, very cleverly and in safe way. First, they abandoned Atrebates. Exactly, fort and two allies were scarified. As future showed, very risky but fruitful move –it allowed Romans to concentrate and build wide base for future attack.

Secondly, they dealt with huge German threat (12 warbands!) – during two turns they not only crushed the enemy in Sugumbri but also occupied one of the German provinces. If you add later Builds (3 forts and 2 allies altogether) plus Recruit, Romans created perfect base for future jump forward. And scored 15 points in Winter – just 1 short then needed for victory. But at least all legions are now on board! (Senate in Adulation!)

So what next? At least 3 sides are preparing for final, deadly clash. That would be exciting to see Belgae fighting Romans. But whom Arverni will attack? Can’t wait to see it in next year. So many options, and still interesting events to be played!

Unfortunately, I have to stop my game for over a week as I will be away. But do not worry, next episodes will come!

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