For all impatient to immediately jump to the campaign page, here it is:

Exactly today, Tuesday September 6th the Kickstarter campaign for the History of the Ancient Seas series launches. This is set of games by Switzerland based publisher – Sound of Drums. Let us briefly discuss what this series is and what components will be available during the campaign.

First, imagine the Mediterranean Sea in ancient times – magnificent coasts to be explored and legendary civilizations that rose to power to meet. The game series History of the Ancient Seas is the ultimate journey through these exciting times. Build new fleets in your city to explore unknown lands, conquer islands and build a great empire.

The campaign will cover three parts to the series:

In HELLAS, the first instalment in the History of the Ancient Seas game series, you will lead one of the great City States – Athens or Sparta. That will be up to 2 players title.
DIES IRAE, the second installment to the series, is a three player game. The Persian Empire, the Greek city states and the mighty Pharaonic Empire of Egypt fought for dominance in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea.
In MARE NOSTRUM, the third and final installment in the “History of the Ancient Seas” game series, you will lead one of the great Empire: The Roman Empire, the Mighty Seafarers of Carthage, the Greek City States, Egypt or Persia. That will be an ultimate, 5 player experience.

All actions will be driven by a very clever mechanics, in form of rondel, where only 3 actions of particular type per turn are allowed, no possibility to repeat what opponent just did and maximum 2 actions of same type per player. That really create some very interesting strategic choices!

Actions (rondel) and Victory points track.

The game is full of beautiful components which also have a great impact how esthetically the game looks like. On the other side they do not clutter the board and are quickly recognisable:

All of this and many more details you can find on Kickstarter page. Make sure to check!