Great Battles of Julius Caesar Deluxe Edition combines two classical game: Caesar: The Civil Wars, published in 1994, and Caesar: Conquest of Gaul, published in 1996, into a single package along with the battles that were published as separate modules. This is another of the Great Battles of History (GBoH) games with a “deluxe treatment” – like Great Battles of Alexander and SPQR earlier.

The scenario book features 20 battles presented in a chronological order that traces the evolution of the Roman military system from early battles against various foreign foes (Marius and Sulla), Caesar’s wars in Gaul followed by Caesar’s wars against his Roman rivals, and culminating with the Roman invasion of Britain a century later.

The box is simply full of the fantastic materials, with seven (!) sheets of counters, numerous maps, Rulebook, Scenario Book, separate Naval Rules as well as three Player Aids. In below material we look into the box – enjoy!