Congrats to RailsOnBoards – they just hit another anniversary! With that in mind not only there is a possibility to get their products with great discount, but also we are adding plethora of new positions to the catalog.

For those impatient to check, just follow the link: and use the code FIRSTBIRTHDAY on the page. For those willing to learn what new items are available, please follow the article.

COIN: Andean Abyss, Falling Sky, Gandhi

COIN (COunter INsurgency) is definitely one of my favorite wargames series which I play pretty often. With asymmetry built into the design, completely different goals, actions and victory conditions of each faction this is always a great experience to bring them to the table (or VASSAL 🙂 )

This time my three favorite (for various purposes) titles – Andean Abyss, Falling Sky, Gandhi – will get tailor-made trays to help me all store the counters and markers.

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GBoH: Alexander, SPQR, Cataphract

There are games where counter trays are a mere assistance in sorting out components. And there are such like GBoH (Great Battles of History) series, where they are a must. I can’t imagine playing my favorite Alexander, Cataphract or especially Deluxe SPQR without such help. Finally I have a solution which fits nicely into the box and allows for good order of all the elements.

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John Butterfield section: D-Day at Tarawa & SpaceCorp

Based on my blog you know that John Butterfield is one of my favorite authors. This time I am bringing storage solutions for the two completely different titles – D-Day at Tarawa and SpaceCorp. Especially for the first title, it allows for nice sorting of all the landing waves as well as differentiation and separation of various Japanese forces. Enjoy!

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Fields of Fire 2

For long time that was one of the hardest nuts to crack for me – how to store Fields of Fire? That fantastic solitaire game, showing company-level combat in WWII, Korea and Vietnam had so many elements in so various types that my box hardly ever closed fully. It took my couple of attempts with RailsOnBoard trays to find a way to store all cards & tokens so that they are logically separated, easily accessible and I can close the lid. But finally I have a solution!

And anticipating questions, the Fields of Fire Vol I will fit in this set too!

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Imperial Struggle

A long awaited spiritual successor (cause I will not call it a sequel) to the Twilight Struggle proved to be a superb game and another gem created by duo of Ananda Gupta and Jason Mathews. It is a multi-dimensional and multi-layer global conflict which plays completely differently each time.

With all the Fleets, War Tiles, Goods and miscellaneous counters on both sides nicely sorted in one tray, we have easy way of controlling all the game pieces. Really speeds up the set-up and gameplay!

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Pericles: The Peloponnesian Wars

Pericles is a fantastic design from Mark Herman which touches both political and military dimensions of two great conflicts – First & Second Peloponesian Wars. The internal strafe between the factions and external struggle in bloody war truly shows how the real conflicts develop.

The tailored, two-tray set allows to sort out all the Spartan / Peloponesian League components in one of them, while Athenian / Delian League goes to the other one. With each access and reach to all counters and blocks you can quickly set-up any scenario you want. Enjoy!

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The Dark Summer: Normandy 1944

I started to appreciate The “Dark System” by Ted Raicer from my first encounter with it. This title uses a chit-pull activation system that determines both the order and type of each sides’ actions. The Normandy Installment last ten action-packed turns, covering June 6 to August 21, 1944.

As we have many units entering in various turns, the storage solution allows for an easy sorting and dividing of them, significantly speeding up any set-up. Hope you will enjoy it!

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As you can see, the catalog of wargames with tailored counters sets is gradually growing. For me, there is a huge potential in creating products which are checked to fit the box and allow its nice closure, at the same time having them nicely sorted.

Still, it is completely ok if you guys experiment with trays and try to put the elements in completely different way. If you find a better way, please let us know in the comments section. I am really curious of yours solutions!